Wednesday, April 22, 2009

TC Files Section on the ETC Blog

In the comment section to the post on the book review section of Royse's Scribal Habits, the sky-high prices of some scholarly books was debated. Maurice Robinson wondered what publishers would do if scholarly writers got together to offer free PDF downloads of their scholarly works at a common website.

Well, as a very small step in this direction we have just added a section on this blog of "TC Files" for download on the right sidebar (thanks to my colleague and "blogexpert" Maria Brolin for technical advise). So far you will find Hernandez' tribute to James Royse including the review of his book, and a thesis (Magisterschrift) by Ivo Tamm (equivalent to a Master thesis), Theologisch-christologische Varianten in der frühen Überlieferung des Neuen Testaments? He wrote this work at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, under the supervision of Barbara Aland. We have presented the author and his work here.

If you have other appropriate academic material that you would like to make available in this forum, you may send it to tomwas[at]spray[dot]se for consideration.


  1. Might I suggest that papers from past conferences which the ETC crew has presented be posted in that section?

  2. Hi Rick, thanks for the suggestin, I might do that. Some, however (including my most recent paper), are being reworked into articles that will be published. And sometimes, those papers are loosely written with handwritten notes all over the manuscripts, etc.