Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A busy week in London and Cambridge, July 2009

The Sixth Birmingham Colloquium on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament (2009) is to be held in conjunction with the Sinaiticus Conference (6-7 July, details here). As well as being a busy time during which these two conferences are held together this will also overlap with the Tyndale Fellowship Triennial Conference in Cambridge (6-9 July, details here) and the Gospel of Thomas workshop in Cambridge (7-8 July) arranged by Simon Gathercole and Stefan Witetschek, so I will not be able to attend. I wonder how many delegates will be at SBL in Rome the week before...

Update (TW): Hugh Houghton of the ITSEE has provided some more details. Right after the Sinaiticus conference, on the next day, Wednesday 8th July, a one-day conference is scheduled to mark the launch of the Virtual Manuscript Room at the Barber Institute lecture theatre in the University of Birmingham. The programme is still under preparation, but speakers will include Peter Robinson, David Parker and David Thomas. The organizers hope that the Sinaiticus conference participants will also be able to join in for this in Birmingham. If there is enough interest, transports will be organized from London to Birmingham and accommodation in Birmingham on Tuesday 7th July. The conference is being organised by Frouke Schrijver (FXS821@bham.ac.uk), and further details will be posted on the ITSEE website when available.


  1. Peter,
    That's so sad that so many things overlap. But I'll definitely be at TF as there are some good sessions planned, esp. Roland Deines' paper on faith and historical criticism. If I remember rightly, SNTS is only a week or so later too.

  2. I will be in Rome of course, and I am planning to come to London, and possibly Birmingham.

    Peter, you are going to Rome and London, right? Since you are presenting a paper at the Sinanticus conference, I suppose the warden of Tyndale House has given you two days off the Tyndale conference ;-).

  3. My basic plan is Rome (ISBL), London (Sinaiticus), Cambridge (Tyndale Fellowship). I am not currently planning to make it to Birmingham, as I ought to be around for some of the TF conference. I would like to see detailed timetables for all three before predicting exactly where I'll be at any particular time! Also I need to do some work on the papers I have promised.

    The Tyndale Fellowship conference is somewhat distinct from Tyndale House, but the NT study group is always well worth attending (currently organised under the leadership of David Wenham, Chair; and Mike Bird, Secretary). Fortunately for me the things I am most interested in this year are on Wed (reviews and engagement with Richard Burridge's newish book) & Thurs (Deines' paper as Mike mentioned).

  4. Ok. I noticed that Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer, OT professor in Aberdeen, whom I bump in to at every SBL, will present a paper at TF on "Ezekiel as Christian Scripture." I tipped her about Ingrid Lilly's recent presentation at the SBL in Boston on LXX P967, an MS of Ezekiel with marginal notes by Christian scribes/readers.

    I am going to Rome of course, and then I also plan to come to London (possibly Birmingham), but there is the funding problem, since I am not presenting a paper in London.