Wednesday, April 08, 2009

GNT Manuscripts in the VMR

After our recent report on the Virtual Manuscript Room a few days ago, several MSS have now been added in the manuscript section here. Among the now accessible Greek New Testament MSS are:

Ming. Chr. Arab. 93 = 0106

Ming. Gr. 2 = L1982

Ming. Gr. 3 = 479

Peckov. Gr. 7 = 713 and L586 (palimpsest)

To my knowledge there are seven more GNT MSS in Birmingham, and we can hope that they will also appear in due course, although only one of them belong to the Mingana Collection which is now being added to the VMR (in Selly Oak College: Ming. Georg. 7; Braithwaite 1-5; and one in Woodbrooke College, s.n.).

Peter Robinson of the ITSEE also made a clarifying comment to our last report here

Update: Ulrich Schmid points out that only a fragment of 0106 is found in the binding of Ming. Chr. Arab. 93 (see comments).

I have also added a link to the Virtual Manuscript Room in the sidebar (links).


  1. Tommy, the first item in your list (Ming. Chr. Arab. 93 = 0106) is a perfect example to illustrate both, how beautiful it is to have ms images available over the internet, and how much work needs to be done in order to be able to use the material in a scholarly appropriate way.

    Ming. Chr. Arab. 93 is NOT 0106, but a tiny portion of it reused for binding purposes in the Arabic ms. 0106 consists of 4 fols in St. Cathrine's, 1 fol. in St. Persburg, 4 fols. formerly in Leipzig, now labelled "Kriegsverlust", and said fragment from Selly Oak.

    In addition, the resources that come with the images on the Birmingham VMR focus on the Arabic ms, are dated, and for the 0106 fragment misleading with regard to its date (0106 is NOT 4th century).

    Ulrich Schmid

  2. Thanks Ulrich for pointing out those details.

  3. "Kriegsverlust" meaning that they were lost in the War.

  4. I paged through 713 looking for the alleged lacunae. The pages are in good condition but it looks like in a few places a page was ripped out; e.g. around frame 320-321.

    Is there any way to access a given frame without paging through from the beginning?

    BTW huzzahs for paginating the Arabic ms from right to left, as it reads.

  5. Oh, I should add, if anyone figures out how to jump to a given frame, here is where each book starts:
    Matthew 7:8
    Mark 7:114
    Luke 7:182
    John 7:283