Monday, March 12, 2007

Scholarly Reprints


The following is a much-abbreviated list of texts germane to TC which are available in reprint from Scholarly Reprints (which is a division of Good Books). I have only included authors’ names and titles for the sake of brevity. In the case of the more well known authors, there are one or more books also available which I have not listed below. The books are offered at a reasonable price, and are well-bound. My only qualm is that, in the case of the editions with which I have worked, that they use only the recto of each page making the books larger than necessary. Some of these works are also available online. Just click on the title.

Old Testament

New Testament

Early Versions

  • Coptic (Horner, Thompson)
  • Gothic (Balg)
  • Latin (various, but not Jülicher)
  • Syriac (Bensley, Pusey, Lewis, Gwynn)

The weblink offers no contact information except for a mail-in order form. I have found a phone number for Good Books listed on Bible Research’s recommended books page.


  1. Some of the listed titles are available for free on-line at (vol. 2 is also available)
    ... , etc

  2. Thanks Tommy. Just for kicks, I am going to put these links above with one or two others of which I know. If anyone knows of other texts online, please paste them and I will add them in also.

  3. From their terms of sale: "No credit card orders are accepted. No orders are taken by phone, fax or e-mail." And while they accept international orders, "Foreign customers must pay in US dollars by a check drawn on a US bank or International Money Order." Do they actually want to sell anything?

  4. CA: "If anyone knows of other texts online"

    Have a look at these links (section textual criticism)

    Now, if you want real work, go to

    and search full view books, like e.g. "A plain introduction to the criticism ..." by Scrivener, etc

  5. I may add Microsoft's Live Search Books (still in Beta); see some examples in my post at the Amsterdam NT Blog.

  6. TM and JK, I have expanded the links from your comments to the extent to which I was able.

    JK: I had a difficult time finding Microsoft Live Search Books. Is this the same as Microsoft Academic (Beta)? Your online books links are great. I borrowed several for the above post.

  7. Christian, Live Search Books is found at (which resolves into something larger). The service is still in beta, and may be on and off for that reason. The main advantage over Google Books is that the PDF-files can still be searched (there is a separate text layer). Google admittedly has far more books (e.g. even most volumes of Grotius’s Annotationes).