Thursday, March 22, 2007

New e-list: Apparatus Criticus

[as advertised on Hugoye]

There's a new e-list: Apparatus Criticus, for text critical discussions. Here's the description:

Apparatus Criticus is an academic email list which focuses on the study of manuscripts and textual criticism. This includes the study of manuscript traditions, apparatus critici, palaeography (paleography), epigraphy, the restoration of fragmentary texts, emendation proposals, and text-critical methods and applications. Other topics include major thinkers and innovators in the fields, such as A.E. Housman, Karl Lachmann, L. D. Reynolds, or relevant literature like Texts and Transmission: A Survey of the Latin Classics or Scribes and Scholars: A Guide to the Transmission of Greek Latin Literature.

The material should be limited to ancient literature of the Western World, the Graeco-Roman classics, Jewish or Christian works, the Qur'an, ancient papyri, etc... all before the invention of the printing press.

All posts should be on topic and within the scope of the stated description. The list owner expects all posts to be evidenced by facts and scholarship. A working knowledge of either Greek, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, Arabic, or other languages of the texts in question is necessary for discussion on an actual text.

As a moderated list, members are ideally professionals working in a related field. Students are welcome, and so are others interested in seriously pursuing the subject matter, but both are expected to conduct themselves with professional decorum befitting a real academic event.

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