Sunday, March 18, 2007

British Library "Turning the Pages" technology

I read a post on the blog of Tim Sneath ("Musings of a Windows Vista Technical Evangelist") about the new "Turning the Pages" technology developed for the British Library. The news is two months old, but nevertheless quite interesting.

"I'm going to start off this series with a real blockbuster that was announced just this morning. I've been looking forward to the moment when we could reveal this application for months, as I think it's one of the most exciting applications I've ever had an involvement with."

Read more here.


  1. It is certainly very attractive but I have found that it is more practical, if working with an image, to go to the 'alternative versions' and download a full-size image and open it in Windows picture viewer and magnify it there. That way it is possible to view more than a line or two at a time under magnification.

  2. For people not using Windows Vista it looks like there are two options, either using an older Shockwave version of TTP, or viewing things in "alternate versions" which pulls up large images page-by-page. Unfortunately, it looks like Sinaiticus is only accessible in the full TTP 2.0 version. But, they do have a note in their alternate versions page that says other books are in the works there.