Monday, July 17, 2006

Select your favourite posts

I've now found how to place favourite posts on the sidebar. Please let me know, either publicly or off list, of any you think ought to appear there.


  1. Perhaps all the posts with more than 20 comments would be a starting point.

  2. The intereviews with Stan Porter and Dan Wallace should be there, along with any other interviews that were done for ETC.
    Also any substantive book reviews. The Misquoting Jesus one for sure, and I think the Robinson-Pierpont one too, along with any others of similar length.
    The guest blogs by Combs and Snapp, along with any other guest entries that were really mini-articles with clear theses like those, or for that matter, not just guest entries but member entries such as the one by Head that prompted this post.
    Holmes' "What are we trying to recover?"
    Any blog written by or containing a comment written by Maurice Robinson.

    Also, if the list of best-of entires is too long, you may consider doing what Steven Carlson has done. Add a new post that consolidates several related entries via links. And then put only that new post in the best-of sidebar. For example, several posts about Misquoting Jesus could be put together this way, as good several about Snapp's Census numbers conjecture, etc.

  3. my favourite posts are:

    1. the ones about left-handed scribes.

    2. the ETC annual award ceremony