Monday, July 24, 2006

Open access at Leiden

Stephen Carlson here noted a PDF of an article by H.J. de Jonge on the Comma Johanneum here. This made me aware that through Leiden University's open access catalogue a significant number of publications relevant to TC are available freely online.

Take the following articles by de Jonge:
'Erasmus und die Glossa Ordinaria zum Neuen Testament'
'Erasmus' New Testament Translation Method'

In fact there are no fewer than 119 titles by de Jonge available here. But I also saw one piece by J. Delobel and if one were to search the facility I'm sure that more relevant material would emerge.


  1. I'm a bit mystified over the usual treatment of Erasmus' Latin NT. According to my perusal of the Nestle-Aland New Vulgate Critical Apparatus (1992), all nine of the printed Latin NT editions of the 15th and 16th century followed pretty much the same text, Erasmus' included. Thus the Latin column of Erasmus' NT was based not on the TR in his Greek column, but on his own careful collation of Vulgate mss. It did include the Comma Johanneum. De Jonge seems not to have recognized this.

  2. oops, delete that. Now it appears that the NA CA collates an edition of 1527 printed by Froben--not the Latin of Erasmus' TR; apparently very different texts, although Erasmus and Froben collaborated on both.