Thursday, July 27, 2006

More live from SNTS

This morning saw John Kloppenborg talking about the book of James. In his Captatio Benevolentiae he quipped that he had moved from studying a text that did not exist to one about which no one knows anything. He is of course a world expert on Q (as well as Q1, 2 and 3).

He proposed emending James 2:1 to omit 'Jesus Christ' so that the whole letter could be read as by someone who followed Jesus Christ (1:1) but was feigning to write to Jews (12 tribes of 1:1) who were wider than just followers of Jesus.

Larry Hurtado picked him up on his cavalier emendation—the main reading of NA27 explains the other readings. Kloppenborg seemed to find the Greek construction so amazingly difficult that emendation had to be used.

The news on the ground is that Cambridge have now appointed their new chair of New Testament. I'm not sure yet whether I am able to announce the name.

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