Tuesday, March 14, 2006

"Theologisch-christologische Varianten in der frühen Überlieferung des Neuen Testaments?" A "Magisterarbeit" by Ivo Tamm from Münster

The review of Ehrman's recent book "Misquoting Jesus," by P.J. Williams last December aroused many comments. (See here.)

In one comment, C. Stirling Bartholomew, asks for "a more aggressive deconstruction of Ehrman's project." We haven't seen many attempts, but I know of one German student, Ivo Tamm who wrote his "Magisterarbeit" (equivalent to a Master thesis), Theologisch-christologische Varianten in der frühen Überlieferung des Neuen Testaments? at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, under Barbara Aland, which may give some direction.

The author, Mr Tamm, currently working as a translator in theology, has agreed to making his work is available for interested. I will make a mailing list and send his thesis in PDF-format to those who are interested (alternatively make it available for download), and Ivo is especially invited to participate with comments in further discussions.

So, if you would like to receive the work by Tamm, please reply to tommy.wasserman@teol.lu.se.


  1. With a name like "Ivo Tamm", I have to wonder if he's of Estonian descent.

  2. I have invited Tamm to post comments on our blog himself, but, by way of introduction, I can give some more background of the author:

    Tamm was born and raised in Ecuador where he lived for 22 years, before moving to Germany. He graduated as "Magister Theologiae" in August 2001 in Münster. Today he works as a freelance translator, specializing on theology. For the moment he is working on a translation of Keil and Delitzsch's commentary on the OT for an evangelical publisher in Spain.

  3. Tamm takes on Ehrman quite directly. There is another perspective on some of these issues/passages in my ‘Christology and Textual Transmission: Reverential Alterations in the Synoptic Gospels’ Novum Testamentum 35 (1993), 105–129.

  4. Thanks for making this available.