Thursday, March 30, 2006

Summer School in Manuscript Studies

Some of you may be interested in this announcement of a Summer School in Manuscript Studies (June 20-26, 2006):

The annual Summer School in Manuscript Studies, formerly called the Palaeography Summer School, is a week-long series of intensive day- or half-day classes in Palaeography and Diplomatic given by experts in their respective fields from a wide range of institutions. Subject areas include introductory palaeography, electronic resources for manuscript studies, Anglo-Saxon and Medieval manuscripts, Latin palaeography, German palaeography, Papal diplomatic, illuminated manuscripts and Medieval musical notation.

The Summer School is hosted by the Centre for Manuscript and Print Studies with the co-operation of the British Library, the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society, the Institute of Historical Research, Senate House Library, the Warburg Institute, , University College and King's College London. For this year's summer school visit the Summer School webpages.

Update: If you would be more interested in a summer school in biblical manuscript studies, then check the comments.


  1. Perhaps we ought to organise a Summer School in Biblical Manuscript Studies.

  2. "Perhaps we ought to organise a Summer School in Biblical Manuscript Studies."

    Now, I would definitely sign up for this and would be interested to know more about it and who would facilitate it. Palaeography and evaluating manuscript facsimiles (Greek or Hebrew) has always been a great interest of mine.

    But concerning this and the present Summer School, I would be interested in both.

  3. Interesting to think about this. What would we need on the Hebrew side?

    a) someone good on Qumran Biblical texts
    b) someone good on Masoretic texts (incl. Massorah etc.)

    On the Greek side we'd need:
    a) someone good on the papyri/papyrology
    b) someone good on major uncials (incl. LXX)
    c) someone good on minuscule text

    Let's say ten days with a bit of Hebrew and a bit of Greek each day:
    5 sessions of Qumran Bible
    5 sessions of Masoretic Bible

    3 Major NT Papyri
    3 Major Greek Bible Uncials
    3 Minuscules
    1 complicated palimpsest

  4. It's certainly an opportunity I would pusrue with great interest, pending personal constraints, of course.

  5. I would make an effort to come, depending on the time and other factors.

  6. I would be there for sure, perhaps.

  7. I see diplomatic used here, but as a noun instead of an adjective. Meaning?

    And what is the difference between a diplomatic text and a pseudofacsimile?

  8. I'd perhaps be there for sure.

  9. Prof. Head,
    I would seriously consider it, even though I'm across the pond. But I wouldn't be able until (summer) 2007.

    If this ever materialized, then I'm a 'yes.'

  10. What would be the best place in the world for a summer school in biblical manuscript studies?

  11. Wollongong University?

  12. Location and cost would be a consideration, but I'm definately interested. Would there be any prerequisites?

  13. Other thank Greek and Hebrew?

  14. Should I take that as a "No" or a "your question was too stupid to merit response?" :-)

  15. If it is London, England and doesn't cost much I will be intersted and I have a friend who has a 1st class classics degree from Oxford who will be even more intersted than me.

  16. Definite interest here, especially if London/Oxford.