Monday, March 27, 2006

Sinaiticus Research Job

This could be quite a cool job for someone.
From Birmingham: "We are seeking an experienced Research Fellow to work on the AHRC and DFG funded Codex Sinaiticus Project under the direction of Professor David Parker. You will be responsible for the production of an electronic transcription of this manuscript and will contribute to the development of electronic transcription tools by testing and commenting on them as they become available. You will also provide advice and resources for other aspects of the project, including the conference on the Codex and will present conference papers on the work of the project. In addition to the above, you will be responsible for the planning, preparation and delivery of teaching in the Department of Theology and Religion. A willingness to undertake international travel is essential for this post. You will possess either a PhD based on a study of ancient Greek biblical manuscripts or have experience in making an electronic transcription of an ancient Greek biblical manuscript, together with experience of working on a research project. It is essential that you have an excellent knowledge of biblical Greek and are able to work effectively as a member of a team. A high initial knowledge of Codex Sinaiticus is desirable."
These details come from here; official and fuller details here

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