Monday, November 28, 2005

The Earliest Gospels

Just arrived on my desk: Charles Horton, ed., The Earliest Gospels: The Origins and Transmission of the Earliest Christian Gospels - The Contribution of the Chester Beatty Gospel Codex P45 (JSNTSS 258; T & T Clark, London, 2004). Essays by Sean Freyne, Martin Hengel, Harry Gamble, Graham Stanton, William Petersen, James Robinson, Martin McNamara, Barbara Aland, Keith Elliott, Larry Hurtado, Charles Horton.


  1. "The Earliest Gospels" - which of course they are not, since we all know that the gospels were originally circulated individually!

  2. The subtitle implies that "earliest" is a reference to the Gospels, not the collection. In other words, the 4 canonical Gospels are also the earliest Gospels - versus the later noncanonical ones. Am I misreading the title or Peter Head's comment or both?

  3. Sorry for the teaser. You'll have to wait for my forthcoming article on this subject. Of course you'll have to wait even longer if I write a long comment here.