Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bloggers at SBL

If anyone who reads this blog and is interested in promoting evangelical engagement in TC is going to the SBL meeting in Philadelphia then it would be good to meet up. Can I suggest 13.oo on 21 Nov 2005 at the Oxford University Press bookstall? Let me know if you'll be there. Adios.


  1. Peter, I'll check my diary and get back to ya. I'm already booked up with lunches and stuff with guys I've been dying to catch up with.

  2. I believe I am available and can make that time.

    Rick Brannan

  3. I'm heading back to the UK that evening but I may be able to make it. If this is confirmed, I'll be there if I can!

  4. Isn't it strange that people in Britain have to fly to Philadelphia to meet? I suppose that if they stayed in Britain they would have to have someone to do formal introductions and so would never meet. Anyway, with this level of interest the meeting is definitely on (Matthew 18:20).