Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Barth on Textual Criticism

From the SBL programme book there is news of a session that could be interesting for those looking for interaction between systematics and textual studies:

1.30 p.m., 19 November 2005, Room 103-C, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

Katherine Sonderegger, Virginia Theological Seminary, 'The doctrine of Inspiration and the Reliability of the Text in Barth'.


  1. This sounds interesting. How did it go? Maybe when I graduate into such circles in a 'few' years time I can go myself to SBL and attend.


  2. I'll try a report tomorrow - on the assumption that nothing stops me from attending. There is no restriction on SBL membership and you do not therefore require many qualifications to attend. However, you will benefit most from it if you know the area well. You can of course attend SBL for the excellent reductions on the bookstalls.

  3. That is very helpful is you want cheap bookstalls.

  4. There's an attempt at a joke foiled by a stupid typo, eh.

    So: That is very helpful if you want cheap bookstalls.