Thursday, May 30, 2019

Funded PhD Positions in Germany

Do you want to be paid to write your PhD at a prominent German theological school?  The Graduiertenkolleg in Wuppertal has advertised six funded positions for this fall (six starting in Sept, one in Oct). The positions pay approximately €27,000 per year ($30,000 USD) for three years, but the benefits exceed the stipend.  Participants benefits from interdisciplinary seminars and faculty dialogues funded by the larger initiative, which resides at the Protestant University Wuppertal and the University of Wuppertal. Faculty from the seminary have been active in Septuagint research (Siegfried Kruezer) and currently are leading the Editio Critica Maior project on Revelation (Martin Karrer). The Confessing Church movement associated with the seminary is best known by Americans for its broad opposition to the Nazi regime in WWII, especially in the preparation and publication of the Barmen Declaration.
Broadly speaking, the Graduiertenkolleg fosters scientific research on the creation of digital editions of texts, both ancient and modern, engaging faculty and students from across the humanities.  “The project’s goal is ultimately the establishment of a ‘grammar of editing.’” 

PhD positions advertisement (German)

Dokument-Text-Edition Graduiertenkolleg hompage (English)

Wuppertal University offers excellent classes to support German language learning for students and spouses, who often need to quickly develop a proficiency in the language.  By train, one can travel from Wuppertal into the Düsseldorf city center in twenty minutes.

Application deadline: 25 June 2019

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