Friday, March 24, 2017

Hoskier Photos

More on Herman Hoskier courtesy of an email from Maurice Robinson. The mustache is quite impressive I must say. Here’s Maurice:
I don’t think I can attach photos or the like in reply segments, but you perhaps might want to post these in the main section on Hoskier (or start another post entirely).

The caricature of Hoskier comes from a very rare limited edition book honoring various persons in and around South Orange NJ. I happened to stumble across that on eBay, and since the fellow could not sell the entire book, he ended up willing to sell the caricatures individually.

The signature came from Hoskier’s copy of one of Tischendorf’s Monumenta Sacra Inedita that Kenneth Clark had obtained (now in the Duke Divinity School library).

The other photo was sent to me by someone... from somewhere.

Also for trivia buffs: Hoskier is buried on one of the Channel Islands between England and France.


  1. Hoskier died on Jersey, but is buried in Essex Co., New Jersey ( - Garrick

    1. That appears to conflict with what I had received from Ron Green in the UK, although there is no question that he died on Jersey in the Channel Islands.

      Perhaps the Hoskier family gravesite in New Jersey might have only memorial notices (as is clearly the case with his son Ronald Wood Hoskier, who is buried in France)? The fourth photo in the FindAGrave display shows an apparently empty family plot save for two difficult to read headstones, neither of which -- if blown larger -- is Hoskier's.

      I of course remain open to further correction; but it seems questionable whether, having become an ex-pat and living in the Channel Islands from 1927 until his death in 1938, his body would have been transported back to the US via steamship for burial.

      Perhaps someone at the conference will resolve the entire issue.

      Further links:

    2. Thanks for the links. The first indicates that he went by "Charles."

  2. That's right Stephen, J. Rendel Harris also notes this in his obituary of Hoskier in The Times. - Garrick