Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Do you know what is missing in Legg’s volumes on Matthew and Mark?

Random fact about S.C.E. Legg’s two volumes with variants on Mark and Matthew:
they have no page numbers!

S.C.E Legg, Euangelium secundum Marcum, Nouum Testamentum Graece secundum Textum Westcotto-Hortianum. Oxonii: e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1935.
———. Euangelium secundum Matthaeum, Nouum Testamentum Graece secundum textum Westcotto-Hortianum. Oxonii: e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1940.


  1. So one has to cite by the chapter-verse of the variant?

  2. Be thankful for page numbers in a Greek NT, since our current critical editions would become utterly incomprehensible if we did not know what specific page number was needed to point to a particular passage (always remember that "super" is the first word in "superfluous").

  3. "Superfluous" is a word. "Super" is the first part of "superfluous."