Tuesday, June 09, 2015

CSNTM Expedition in the Greek Press

As noted earlier on the blog, CSNTM is currently on a major expedition in Greece digitizing the entire Greek NT collection of the National Library—over 300 manuscripts. It’s a huge undertaking and the results should be well worth it. If you read modern Greek (or know how to use Google translate), there are two articles in the Greek press on the expedition. There are some nice pictures included. Godspeed to the team, especially in what look like very tight working conditions!


In further confirmation of Head’s Rule, Dan reports on his blog of discovering an uncatalogued manuscript of the apostolos in the binding of a 12th century lectionary.


  1. Dan has written about it here: http://danielbwallace.com/2015/06/09/update-from-athens-new-apostolos-manuscript/
    (I forgot the lesson about links in the comments already)

    1. You might need a newer typewriter to do it.