Friday, April 17, 2015

A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts (3d ed.)

The third edition of A Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts by J. Keith Elliott, with the assistance of the Institut romand des sciences bibliques (IRSB) Université de Lausanne, has been published by Brill. This is a must-have tool.

ISBN13: 9789004289239
E-ISBN: 9789004289680
Format: Hardback
Price: €115 / $149
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  1. Thanks Tommy,

    Now before I spend my money, can you tell me how it relates to the IRSB on-line bibliography, with which it is associated (

    Also the printed history of this book (2 previous publications with CUP, 3 separately published up-dates in NovT) and the pace of publication suggests that ultimately an on-line bibliography is going to be much more helpful. Take Sinaiticus as an example, with the new book coming out in a couple of months; or the recent expansion of online images (in this bibliography you wouldn't know that images to 02 are online in the British Library). I think a different model would be better, although it would be more difficult.

    Based on the online edition of the book (it is always worth clicking through to the publisher's website) the entries also look a little undifferentiated, simply great long lists in reverse chronological order. Printed bibliographies ought to be able to offer something more than a simple list of entries, surely some intelligence could be applied to highlighting the most important studies.

    Anyway, we look forward to your review Tommy

    1. It would be great to have this done in the style of Elliott's Oxford Bibliography for NTTC (last updated 2010).

  2. Pete, I am not going to do a review of this book to my knowledge ;-). However, I have just completed a review of the FS for Elliott to which you contribute on letter-carriers. Congratulations for a fine essay there, although as usual I do not agree ... ;-). That review will appear in NovumTestamentum. As for this book, perhaps I exaggerated when I say must-have. I mean, I should have said that it is even better to have access to it in digital searchable form. But, at least I find Elliott's bibliography useful as one of the tools for researching GNT MSS.

    1. You could request a copy from Brill to review on this blog.

    2. Of course I agree that it is a fundamental tool. Barely a week goes by without pulling my CUP copy (with its bulging supplements) off the shelf (where it is carefully placed in the Es on my NT Textual Criticism shelves).

  3. Just in case anyone wants to read my fine but ultimately unpersuasive essay you can find it here:

  4. Just kidding. I objected only to your appeal to Eph 6:21-22 in support of your preferred reading in Col 4:8.

  5. I had to object to something.

  6. I have just delivered my review for Novum Testamentum, but I'm told that it could be at least a year until it appears in print. I'll post a pre-print when I am able to. Meanwhile, here are my instructions for accessing the entries in the BIBiL database, which correspond exactly to each manuscript in the third edition:

    Go to
    Select the Recherche thésaurus tab
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to Thésaurus BiBIL
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to Nouveau Testament (Problèmes d’Introduction)
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to Critique textuelle du Nouveau Testament
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to Textes grecs
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to Manuscrits
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to the category of manuscript (Papyrus, Majuscule, Minuscules, Lectionaries)
    Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to the range of Gregory-Aland numbers
    Click on the Gregory-Aland number of the manuscript itself, so that it is highlighted.
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Rechercher”
    Below this will now appear a list of publications corresponding to those in the third edition of Elliott’s bibliography.
    Clicking on the title of any of these will open up the full entry, which sometimes includes links to online versions of these publications.

    Now, if a programmer could devise an interface which enables users simply to enter a Gregory-Aland number and be taken directly to the bibliography of that manuscript, they will spare textual critics from wearing out the mouse on their computers through constant clicking! I imagine it would also increase traffic to the site: at the minute, the bibliography on the online Kurzgefasste Liste is far easier to access.

  7. By the way, I'm not convinced by the blurb saying "This third revised edition supersedes the two previous editions." I won't be getting rid of my copy of the second edition just yet.