Wednesday, February 05, 2014

SBL International Meeting, Call for Papers: Hurry Up!

This year the SBL International Meeting is held in Vienna, Austria 7-10 July. The Call for Papers has been extended to 12 February, so hurry up and submit a proposal to the Working with Biblical Manuscripts (Textual Criticism) program unit. I have now stepped down from the chair after having served an extended term, and I will instead chair a five-year text critical seminar at the SNTS (with Claire Clivaz and Ulrich Schmid), but my colleague Jan Krans is handling the SBL unit with great competence.

Here is the Call for Papers:
Papers concentrating on any aspect of textual criticism are welcome, in particular practical work with manuscripts. Examples of topics include: papyrological insights, scribal habits, preservation techniques, technical developments, computer-assisted tools, the production of critical editions, evaluation of patristic and versional evidence, discussion of particular passages, social historical studies, new projects, systematic-theological problems, teaching text-criticism in an academic setting, etc.
 So go to the SBL site, log in and submit your proposal!

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