Monday, February 24, 2014

Manuscripts found in a box in a college library (twice)

Exhibit A: Greek papyri found in a box in a college library

Exhibit B: Medieval manuscript found in a box in a college library.

NB. P52 was found in a box in a library (unfortunately wikipedia doesn't mention this)

Just a reminder: "the best place to look for ancient manuscripts is in a library" (cf. previously here and here).


  1. And now another example of Peter Head's famous dictum: Nine papyri, probably from Karanis, one of them a libellus from the time of Decius, have been discovered just last month among the papers of a former president of Luther College, in Decorah, Iowa.

  2. Back in the late 1970s, while rummaging around in a third-floor seminary library storage area, I came across a single lectionary leaf buried deep among other irrelevant papers.

    I duly reported the leaf to the INTF along with a photocopy and collation, and it became GA L-2282 (the K. Liste dates it as XVI, but I suspect it is two or three centuries earlier).


  4. A Dead Sea Scroll fragment at Lanier Theological Library, Houston, Texas, I'm told by the library director, will be published by Emanuel Tov in the next issue of Dead Sea Discoveries. A photo at 2:15-17 in a video: