Friday, April 26, 2013

Sponsor Peter Head in Swimathon 2013


Sponsor Peter Head in Swimathon, 26-28 April 2013 (click here)

As you may know, co-blogger Peter Head has a long sporting career behind him. He came in 42nd place in the Olympic racewalking in Beijing 2008, after somewhat unexpectedly having received a wild card from the International Olympic Committee to enter the competition.

Last year in connection with the London summer olympics 2012, his British colleague Steve Walton got the honor to run with the torch. 
Apparently, the torch made a detour to Tyndale House, so that Pete could once again celebrate his own Olympic memories.

Apparently, Peter Head is still a very active man. Now he has taken up a new challenge and will participate in the 2013 Swimathon starting today! The swim race is 5 km and Pete is aiming at under 1:30.00 (unless the pool is busy).

The Swimathon is actually the world's biggest fundraising swim, and we want to encourage all our readers to sponsor Peter Head and help him raise money for a very good purpose. I have already made my donation! Good luck Pete!


  1. This one is not a joke. (And I have to get back in time to teach Greek Palaeography this afternoon!)

    But Tommy, should you really plagiarise my facebook page like this withour permission?

  2. I refer to the news value.

  3. You now got two donors, if we do 50 comments here you will be home.

  4. Thank you Tommy. I made my £10 donation for the old man ...

  5. OK. All done. Time: 1:36.14. Not too bad for an old guy?

  6. Very good. The pool must have been just slightly busy then.

  7. I thought you never offer Greek Palaeography course anymore! Anyway, see you soon!

  8. Peter, you can swim 5 km in 1:36?
    I'm really impressed!