Friday, April 05, 2013

Newly Discovered Leaves of a Greek Lectionary

When examining an Armenian manuscript from Bzommar (n° 509, a Mashtots from the 16th Century) on the HMML website, I was surprised to discover three fly leaves from a Greek lectionary of the Gospels. Folio 01r contains Mt 20:1-8, Folio 168r contains Mt 11:2-4 and Lk 2:39-40, and Folio 168v contains Lk 7:22-28. As far as I can judge, all three folios come from the same lectionary. Klaus Wachtel tells me that this lectionary is not yet in the Kurtgefasste Liste of Muenster. J.-L. Simonet


  1. Peter,

    On this subject, there are also some Greek uncial lectionary folios inside the covers of the fam. 35 New Testament MS GA 1072. One lection in the inside cover is from the menologion lesson for September 8th (Lk 39-49. 56) while another at the back is the lection from Saturday's lesson for the 4th of September being (Mt 10:32-36, 11:1).

    This may be a new MS as well so I have passed it on to Klaus' attention too.

    Paul Anderson

  2. I don't think Kurt actually does the "Kurt-gefasstge Liste" anymore.....

  3. Thanks for pointing out such finds. The leaves that Paul Anderson mentions were already registered some time ago under the GA number lect 2030.

    As for the one pointed out by J.-L. Simonet I still want to make some checks, though the odds are very much in favor of it being really unnoticed so far.

  4. Ulrich,

    Thank you. I see it was not cross referenced to Γ' 80 in the K. Liste. However, as mentioned on our site, there are nearly forty new unregistered NT MSS between the sacristies of Iveron and M. Lavra. Also, you do not have the film from the Vatopedi sacristies as well which you have numbers for. We will be posting more on these on our site.

    Paul D. Anderson