Saturday, November 17, 2012

SBL Supersale on Jude

Greetings from the SBL Annual Meeting in Chicago! I just delivered my presentation on the Coherence Based Genealogical Method as a tool for explaining textual changes.

For those of our readers who are present, my monograph, The Epistle of Jude: Its Text and Transmission, is available from Eisenbrauns at the SBL booth for $25 (listprice $63). I am not sure whether it is on display, but Jim Spinti has about a dozen available copies (on or under a table).

Extracts from reviews are available on the book homepage here.

Update:The book is on display at the Eisenbrauns booth and there were some copies left this morning


  1. Nice. I just explained the same method for my students at Newbold College a few days ago, where I was teaching as a visiting lecturer. A comment I got from one post-graduate student was simply "that's scary" :) I wonder what has been the reaction among students elsewhere.

  2. I believe this book has become progressively cheaper every time it's been promoted on this site. Is this sort of deflation common in academia?

  3. Tommy, I wish all the TC books (especially those by Brill) were as affordable as your fine monograph!

  4. Daniel, not quite. Last year it was sold for $20 at the SBL.

    However, Jim Spinti has agreed to offer the current SBL price thru the year. I will blog about that and other stuff later.