Saturday, November 03, 2012

Day Conference in Papyrology and Early Christianity/Biblical Studies


Day Conference in Papyrology and Early Christianity/Biblical Studies

Wednesday 7th November 2012

Tyndale House is pleased to host a day conference featuring research papers on a variety of topics connecting papyrology and Biblical studies and reading seminars for those who want to learn more about reading Greek texts on papyrus. All are welcome (some knowledge of Greek is recommended!), for the whole day or particular sessions.


9:00 Arrive and Coffee

9:25 -10:15: Jim Aitken (Faculty of Divinity, Cambridge), ‘Septuagint Vocabulary and the Zenon Papyri’

10:20-11:10: Michael Theophilos (Australian Catholic University & St Edmund’s College, Cambridge), ‘The Birth of the Papyrologist and the Editio Princeps: Why Do My Eyes Hurt?’


11:40-12:30: Peter M. Head (Tyndale House & St Edmund’s College, Cambridge), ‘Letter Writing and Letter Delivery in the Archive of Claudius Tiberianus (P. Mich. 467-480) and the New Testament’

LUNCH (provided – free if RSVP)

2:00-3:20: Reading seminar in documentary texts (Michael Theophilos and others)


3:40 – 5:00: Reading seminar in literary texts (Michael Theophilos and others)

If you want lunch please RSVP to

Location link here:

Tyndale House, 36 Selwyn Gardens, Cambridge, CB3 9BA


  1. Would there be any MP3s available of the lectures? I would love to listen to Dr. Heads lecture on the Letter Carriers!

  2. yes, we are a bit too late to know it. if we could have a video recording for the whole day, it would be the best thing to me! : )

  3. Latinising Greek names is a rather disturbing trend.



  4. Quite right anon. apologies to Michael

  5. There has not been a new topic posted here in almost a I wanted to ask if anyone knows of an update on the supposed 7 new NT papyri to be supposedly published by Brill including the supposedly 1st century fragment of Mark?

    It is amazing how time flies, but we are getting just a few months away from the "in about a year" that Dan Wallace mentioned back in February.