Thursday, March 01, 2012

SBL Annual Meeting Call for Papers

The deadline for submitting a paper proposal for the SBL Annual Meeting in Chicago 2012 has been extended to Wednesday, March 7, so there is really plenty of time for Peter Head and others to think about a possible topic for their paper.

This is the call for papers for New Testament textual criticism:
The New Testament Textual Criticism Section invites proposals for the following two sessions: 1) The Coherence-Based Genealogical Method (CBGM). We seek proposals that will either exemplify or evaluate this text-critical approach. 2) An open session. Proposals are welcome on any aspect of New Testament textual criticism, especially those that focus on textual criticism and exegesis, and the history and practice of textual criticism. We will also have a third session with a discussion of The Text of the New Testament: Essays on the Status Quaestionis (Brill, 2012), edited by Bart Ehrman and Michael Holmes.

More details here.

Personally, I have already submitted a proposal related to the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method. I very much look forward to the meeting as usual. One of the best parts is to get together with friends and scholars, and not to forget about our annual ETC blogdinner.

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  1. I submitted a couple of proposals. (not for tc though)