Monday, March 05, 2012

New Publications

Volume 9 (2011) of Segno e Testo. International Journal of Manuscripts and Text Transmission has been published and there are some interesting articles in this volume, e.g.,

Gabriel Nocchi Macedo, "Formes et fonctions de l’astérisque dans les papyrus littéraires grecs et latins (3-33)"

Diletta Minutoli, "Un codice di Giona tra Firenze e Berlino: PSI X 1164 + BKT VIII 18 (93-112)"

And in volume XXI-XXII (2009-2010) of Analecta Papyrologica which is now available:

Herwig Maehler, "L’avenir de la papyrologie grecque," 7-8;
(English translation, "The future of Greek papyrology," 9-10)

Rosario Pintaudi, "Note codicologiche su due codici tardoantichi: PSI X 1166 (Apocalisse 9, 2-15) e PSI X 1171 (Aristofane, Nuvole 577-635)" 127-130.

And, finally, Pintaudi has published the article "Grenfell-Hunt e la papirologia in Italia" in Quaderni di storia 75 (2012), pp. 205-298.

Article description

The scholarly correspondence between the British papyrologists Grenfell and Hunt and the Italian scholars Girolamo Vitelli, Medea Norsa and Evaristo Breccia. Thirty-eight documents dated 1899 to 1934 are published here for the first time with notes. Interesting details on the Hellenica Oxyrhynchia are included. The appended plates include letters, printed postcards, press clippings and photographs.

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