Friday, December 02, 2011

Pics from SBL Annual Meeting San Francisco 2011

Edgar Ebojo, PhD student at Birmingham University (working on P46) is also an excellent photographer. He generously shares with us his pics from the recent annual meeting in San Francisco. They are uploaded to this folder.

Since I noticed that Edgar was everywhere with his camera, I never got out to get new batteries for my own camera, which I brought to San Francisco. I just used my mobile phone whenever I felt I had to capture a moment, e.g., Peter Head still fervently revising his presentation during a session ...

... a few minutes before delivery. For further reference, see his famous six steps for a successful paper. Unfortunately, this year, Peter had omitted his famous red circles and arrows from the presentation (something I have started to use to great success myself).


  1. Actually I was checking on Wettstein's review of Bengel's 1734 edition so that I could link my paper with Silvia's paper before me (and continue the Wettstein vs Bengel theme).

  2. So you did that instead? That explains the omission of the red circles.

    The Wettstein vs Bengel theme was indeed memorable. Funny, when Jan Krans and Silvia Castelli started simultaneously to object to something you had said ... And how Jan Krans's paper was introduced shortly afterwards.

  3. Thanks for the great pictures, Edgar!

  4. Pleasure, Brice. Have not reduced the size, so it might take a few more seconds to download each pic.

  5. I think the session was mislabelled. It should have been:

    Wettstien vs Bengel: a reenactment;).