Sunday, August 23, 2009

Six Steps How to Deliver a Successful Paper

1. Preparation on the platform in Cambridge

2. Preparation on the train to London

3. Preparation in the hotel lobby in London

4. Preparation on the floor

5. Preparation in bed

6. Delivery


Stephen C. Carlson said...

So, wearing shorts during preparation is the key. Who knew?

Tommy Wasserman said...

Body language enhances the message.

Bob Relyea said...

I thought the key to good presentations is having good sound bites, like:
"Good scribes are less interesting than bad scribes"
(OK, I may have mangled the quote a bit;)

Heavens said...

I'm glad you showed some modesty while in bed. What is that thing covering your loins anyway?

The White Man said...

Wesley prepared his sermons on horseback.

Peter M. Head said...

Thanks Tommy,
Good use of time I think. Shorts and smiles are also good for preparation.