Sunday, November 20, 2011

SBL Super Sale on The Epistle of Jude II

This is just a brief note that my book is now on display at the Eisenbrauns booth in the book exhibition – I didn't realize that they were waiting for the copies I brought with me, but now they are there (15 copies left). I will stop by at the booth on Monday 1 PM to chat and sign. I am of course also present on all the NTTC sessions. Now I am off to hear a couple of interesting papers on papyrology (several of them related to the New Testament).


  1. Picked mine up! I knew if I waited long enough I could get a super sweet price! The volume looks great, Tommy, it's unbelievable to me the amount of work you put into it. I think there were only 5 copies left when I was there.

  2. Great Ryan, thanks. Eisenbrauns told me to bring ten copies, because they had some in stock. I brought 15, but I probably should have brought 30 copies, because now Eisenbrauns may not have any more copies to sell (until I bring new copies for the next meeting).

    This is a special arrangement since my old publisher went out of business a few years ago and Eisenbrauns took over the publication of the series. The main supplies, however, is still in my basement :-).