Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Novum Testamentum

The most recent issue of Novum Testamentum 53.4 (2011) has three articles of interest:

Some Observations on the Relevance of the “Early Byzantine Glossary“ of Paul for the Textual Criticism of the Corpus Paulinum
pp. 358-375(18)
Author: Jongkind, Dirk

The Chrestos/Christos Pun (1 Pet 2:3) in P72 and P125
pp. 376-387(12)
Author: Caulley, Thomas Scott

The Content of Vatopedinus 853 (= Minuscule 1720 Gregory-Aland)
pp. 388-389(2)
Author: Guignard, Christophe

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