Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digitized Greek NT MSS of Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana pt. 1

Digital images of GNT MSS of Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana pt. 1

Hugh Houghton has drawn my attention to the digital database of the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana where one can find nearly all of the Plutei GNT codices, which I have indiced below. I divide this index into two parts because of the maximum number of tags allowed to a blogpost. The second part follows immediately below this post.

Cod. Plut. IV.1 = GA 454

Cod. Plut. IV.5 = GA 455

Cod. Plut. IV.29 = GA 457

Cod. Plut. IV.30 = GA 456

Cod. Plut. IV.31 = GA 458

Cod. Plut. IV.32 = GA 459

Cod. Plut. VI.2 = GA L113

Cod. Plut. VI.5 = GA 832

Cod. Plut. VI.7 = GA L114

Cod. Plut. VI.8 = GA 1976

Cod. Plut. VI.11 = GA 182

Cod. Plut. VI.13 = GA 363

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