Tuesday, August 03, 2010

complutensis 1 and 2

Complutensis 1 and 2 are two important early manuscripts of the Spanish Vulgate. They were nearly utterly destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. But, good news ! A film had been made of both manuscripts. From this film, a microfilm was made, and acquired by EMML in Minnesota. This acquisition seems to have been forgotten, and recently someone "rediscovered" it in a vault in St John's Institute in Collegeville. You need not go to Sinai to find this kind of event, it can happen even in the US ! It seems that from this microfilm digital images are soon to be made, and that they will be made available for the academic worldwide research.

Sources: St John's Institute; also an article in "he Medievalist".


  1. That is wonderful news, and highlights how important it is that manuscripts are photographed. It is terrible to think that in 1945, when Leipzig was bombed, vast numbers of manuscripts were lost. Yet that was a century after the invention of photography! Libraries that ban photography, often for short-term selfish reasons to do with petty revenues, do an immense harm to us all.

  2. See here for links: http://www.itsee.bham.ac.uk/news.htm