Monday, May 03, 2010

A Dramatic Increase in Blog Traffic

Every once in a while this blog gets an unexpected dramatic increase in the number of readers. For example, in 2008 we had a couple of posts on Codex Gigas - the Devil's Bible here and here , which at the time was highlighted on the National Geographic Channel. A news reporter found our blog and linked to it and suddenly the blog traffic temporarily increased dramatically.

Last week it happened again when a large high tech blog named Slashdot wrote about the news, "80,000 Vatican mss to be digitized!" . Slashdot was mainly interested in the technical aspect of image storage, the choice of file format etc, "Vatican Chooses Open FITS Image Format", and through the link many high tech geeks were directed to this blog for manuscript nerds. One of the Slashdot readers speculates in one of the hundreds of comments:

"Does this mean in the monasteries we are going to have monks transcribing these manuscripts bit by bit? I mean, if you just scan the stuff in what else will they have to do all day. Pray for the boredom to be over..."

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