Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clivaz on P126 in EC 1

You may have thought there were enough print journals in the world already (cf. our previous discussion here) - especially if you are a librarian with finite shelf space and a strict budget. But not everyone would agree with you, especially not the publishers and presumably the editors of a new journal called Early Christianity, which according to its editorial manifesto, focuses on the study of early Christianity as a historical phenomenon, and deals with both first and second century (and beyond that judging from the first issue). In the first issue (available as a sample free here, otherwise 199 Euros for four issues per annum) there are lots of interesting articles (mostly, it must be admitted, on Pauline theology [a subject which I believe is sometimes treated in other journals]), including a section on New Discoveries which contains:
Claire Clivaz, A New NT Papyrus: (PSI 1497), 158–162.

This includes photographs of P126 (which we have previously discussed here), and some further reflection on the two points of interested noted in our earlier post.


  1. I think the section on New Discoveries is intended to be a permanent part of the journal, so may be an option for publication of new manuscript discoveries.

  2. Martin Fassnacht5/21/2010 12:15 am

    I expanded the possibility to link in the Handchriftenliste not only resources from the INTF Archiv but also from external links.

    Now one can find the articel of Claire Clivaz also in the Handschriftenliste under the GA number P126.

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