Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shepherd on Narrative Analysis as a Text Critical Tool


Thomas R. Shepherd, 'Narrative Analysis as a Text Critical Tool: Mark 16 in Codex W as a Test Case' Journal for the Study of the New Testament 32 (2009), 77-98.
Tom Shepherd uses a narrative approach to show that some themes (notably the power of Christ) which appear in Mark 16 are also characteristic of Codex W as a whole. This suggests that narrative approaches can be useful for text critics 'in delineating and mapping out the theological emphases of an individual passage and its implications for an entire book.' (p. 96)

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  1. That verse 10:48 is missing in Mark of W is not due to "Decrease in emphasis on secrecy", but simply omission due to parablepsis.

    For the date of W confer also to Ulrich Schmid in "The Freer Biblical Manuscripts", 2006.
    (possibly 6th CE)