Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Biblioblog Top 50 for August 2009

The biblioblog top 50 for the month of August 2009 is up. Jim West is the top blogger for the 6th month in a row. Congratulations! Jim is quite active in the blogosphere — there are no less than ten posts on his blog from yesterday! This blog has moved up one slot to 27th place. It seems we have a stable readership and that is nice.

Apart from the top 50-list there are almost 250 additional biblioblogs listed. It seems like very hard work to produce all these statistics. This time some "metabiblioblogs" like the biblioblogtop50 blog itself has been removed from the list: "We [the blogeditors] were meaning to say that we had dropped the ‘meta-biblioblogs’ (us, and biblioblogs.com) from the listing. It was all getting a bit incestuous." If it had been included it would, according to Alexa statistics, have been listed as no. 8 (so that is the explanation why this blog moved up one place...).

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