Sunday, February 15, 2009

More on Hebrew MSS

Via Antonio Lombatti:

Washington Post 10/2 reports that a rare trove of Hebrew books are on display in New York.

NEW YORK -- A rare trove of 11,000 Hebrew books and manuscripts went on display at Sotheby's this week as the auction house seeks to find a buyer for what is considered the greatest collection of Judaica in private hands.

The Valmadonna Trust Library includes documents of unparalleled significance including a copy of a 16th-century Hebrew Bible once owned by Westminster Abbey. Some have burn or water marks or other signs of religious persecution.

"I don't know any other collection quite like it in private hands. It even rivals some of the great institutional collections in the world," Arthur Kiron, curator of Judaica collections at the University of Pennsylvania, said. "There are very few cultural moments like this one where a collection of such great significance is made available for sale."

Read the whole story here.

...and Jim Davila over at PaleoJudaica has more on those Dead Sea Scroll fragments for sale at a antiquarian book fair in San Francisco which we have reported on earlier.

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