Thursday, February 12, 2009

Harold W. Hoehner R.I.P.

I just heard that Harold Hoehner died today. I always found him a great encourager (he was around at Tyndale House on sabbatical from Dallas Theological Seminary during my PhD days); and a great believer in evangelical textual criticism (the concept if not the blog - see the numerous full discussions in his massive commentary on Ephesians). There is a brief tribute to Harold Hoehner here.


  1. Harold was a tremendous encourager and warm personality. I had spoken to him earlier in the week and he seemed perfectly well. He will be sorely missed.

  2. It was my privilege to be a student under him and also to go to the Holy Land with Him.

    Dr. H always had a great, dry sense of humor and a fondness for Texas Aggie jokes.

    In his Ephesians class I would sit on the front row with a 8 x 11 cardboard sheet with the word HERESY in bold block letters on one side. Whenever he made a statement that was close to the fringe I would quietly roll the card so he could see the word from his lectern. I would get a wry smile in return.

    He will be greatly missed by those he taught!

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