Friday, January 09, 2009

"All Roads Lead to Rome:" SBL International Meeting Call for Papers, First Reminder

This is the first reminder to pull yourself together, write up the abstract and submit your proposal for the upcoming SBL International Meeting in Rome 30June - 4 July, 2009, celebrating the centenary of the Pontifical Biblical Institute.

Thus reads the call for papers in the Working with Biblical Manuscript Program Unit:

"Call For Papers: Papers concentrating on any aspect of the practical work with manuscripts of the Bible are welcome: managing variants, computer assisted tools, preservation techniques, evaluating the evidence of versions, papyrological insights, technical developments, social historical studies, scribal habits, producing critical editions, new projects, systematic-theological problems, teaching text-criticism in an academic setting, etc."

For more information how to submit a proposal for this unit, see here.

We hope to have enough papers for several days, I know of five so far, including my own paper, but we expect many more.

I will probably post at least one more reminder, since Peter Head has asked for such on January 30, here (at about 11 PM?). In Boston I heard rumours about the Tyndale House people renting a villa in Rome and bringing family members along (will there be any time for textual criticism?).

And don't forget about the Sinaiticus conference in London, 6-7 July.

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  1. Status report 090115: seven papers for the TC-unit at SBL in Rome that I know of so far. This looks promising with two more weeks for submissions.