Friday, January 16, 2009

1000 posts

It is gratifying to have passed the 1000 posts mark.


  1. Dr. Williams, I enjoyed your partaking on the talk show. Can you clarify one thing to me, please, though? If I understand your position correctly you claim that one does not necessarily need the faultless material Scripture in order to articulate the doctrine of inerrancy, for the Scripture is first and foremost immaterial and its truthfulness stems out of the truthful/inerrant/etc character of God more than anything else. Correct me if I am wrong. Having said this, how is one to understand the character of God (doctrinally not experientially per se) apart from the Word He inspired, which in our case needs to be material for we have no other way to comprehend it? I don't want to play the devil's advocate just because, but this is an issue to wrestle with, is it not?