Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Articles in TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism

In case you haven't noticed there are several new articles in the current TC journal (vol. 13), including a nice piece by our own Peter Head (originally a paper from SBL in San Diego).

So far the following have appeared:

Gerald Donker, "Athanasius's Contribution to the Alexandrian Textual Tradition of the Pauline Epistles: An Initial Exploration"

Peter Hill, "Matthew 16:18 in the Philoxenian Version"

Peter Head, "The Gospel of Mark in Codex Sinaiticus: Textual and Reception-Historical Considerations"

Maria Teresa Ortega-Monasterio, "Textual Criticism of the Bible in the Spanish Renaissance"

Curt Niccum, "Ms 2345: A 15th Century Ethiopian Manuscript of Acts and the Catholic Epistles"

Also check out the many bookreviews, including Peter William's review of Sebastian Brock, The Bible in the Syriac Tradition, 2d ed. and my own extensive review of L.W. Hurtado, ed., The Freer Biblical Manuscripts: Fresh Studies of an American Treasure Trove.

For those who have followed my report from the SBL I have completed Saturday 22, almost . . . In the evening I attended the SBL reception, where I met several folks. I ran into Jimmy Adair, the editor of TC for the first time in person. He had apparently enjoyed our presentation earlier that day. We had a nice chat and he invited me to join the editorial board of TC, and the board meeting next morning, where there were also SBL representatives (TC is now an official SBL publication). I accepted the offer. The downside was that I missed two very interesting papers in the IGNTP session on Sunday morning, but more on that session soon.

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