Friday, December 05, 2008

Blumenthal on 2 Peter 3:10

I have now seen a significant work on the well known crux of 2 Peter 3:10d:

Christian Blumenthal, "Es wird aber kommen der Tag des Herrn": Eine textkritische Studie zu 2Petr 3,10 or "The day of the Lord will come": a textcritical study of 2 Peter 3:10. (Bonner Biblische Beiträge 154; Hamburg, 2007). This was a Diplomarbeit at the Catholic theological faculty of the Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn in 2003-4.

It studies in detail the various witnesses for the readings, including discussion of versions and citations not usually covered and develops an analysis of the history of the text. The earliest text is found to be ευρεθησεται, which is also authorial. Blumenthal articulates how 'will be found' contrasts with what will not be found and fits into a broader apocalyptic conception.

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