Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evangelical Theological Society papers on Text and Canon


Jim Leonard has compiled a helpful list of papers to be presented at the ETS conference (Nov 19-21 2008, noted briefly here) on the subjects of Text and Canon (which includes several ETC bloggers) at his blog entitled 'Text and Canon' here (for a comparison with last year see my scurrilous comments at ETS 2007).

Of course the major plenaries (Hill on NT Canon and Wallace on NT Text) will be much anticipated. Among the other offerings my favourites titles are:

  • "The Next Great Step in New Testament Textual Criticism" (I love prophecy about scholarship)
  • "The New Testament Canon Formed by AD 70"(I love people attempting the impossible)
  • "Complete Listing of All Variant Readings between the Robinson-Pierpont 2nd ed. and the Nestle-Aland 27th ed." (this one might be easier to read than listen to)
  • "On the Use (and Abuse) of a Critical Apparatus" (I love auto-critography)
  • "Canons, Copies, Communities, and Conflicts: The Text of the New Testament in the Second and Third Centuries" (I love covering everything in 25 minutes)
  • "How Far Beyond Chicago?" (I love enigmatic paper titles - although I usually can't bother to attend them)

I hope that some ETC bloggers or other guest-posters might be able to summarise some of them on the blog for those of us who can't be there. Any volunteers?


  1. I will definitely be attending Hill's presentation(s), and likely a few others. I would be glad to give some details here on the blog.

  2. "Beyond Chicago?" and the ETS. They (many ETS members) don't know and can't subscribe.

    "Autocritography?" I had to look that one up. Ohhhh, that's me, and Wallace (above and below), and Head, and Robinson, and you'ens and they'ens!


  3. Peter,
    I'll be there and I'll probably summarize a few sessions.

  4. Quite likely I will be there, but no summarising activity planned from my side.