Friday, October 24, 2008

Codex Sinaiticus Conference, 6-7 July 2009

Juan Garcés, curator of the British Library's Codex Sinaiticus Project, has asked us to post this announcement:

Codex Sinaiticus Conference
British Library, London, 6-7 July 2009

The Codex Sinaiticus Project, an international initiative to reunite the entire manuscript in digital form and make it accessible to a global audience for the first time (see, will host a conference devoted to this seminal fourth-century Bible.

Leading experts have been invited to present papers on the history, codicology, and text of Codex Sinaiticus, among other topics. A call for papers, registration information, and programme will be made available soon.

Update: The Birmingham Colloquia on the Textual Criticism of the New Testament will be held in in conjunction with the Codex Sinaiticus Conference, British Library, to mark the completion of the Codex Sinaiticus Project.

Further information will be posted on the ITSEE site as it becomes available. In addition to invited speakers, there will be the opportunity to present papers on matters related to Codex Sinaiticus. Those who are interested may contact Hugh Houghton at


  1. This is extremely exciting news. I had no idea these kinds of efforts were being made for making Sinaiticus available. I hope it turns out to be everything the Aleppo Codex site has become. And, this is a nice site. I'm glad to have found it.


  2. Hmm. Can just anyone submit a paper? Could I do so?

    James Snapp, Jr.

  3. James,

    I am sure you will be able to do so. There are apparently special invited papers, and then there will be a general call for papers. Further details will be announced later. Keep checking that project webpage.


  4. I wish there was a general fund we could donate to towards getting everything online. Like an for biblical manuscripts...

  5. Give your money to CSNTM, they are the ones actually moving forward in this area.

  6. I agree heartily that CSNTM ( would be a very good cause to support. They have the precise aim of making images of all NT mss available. With enough support they could complete this DV by 2020.