Tuesday, October 10, 2006

SBL forum October 2006

Other highlights of the SBL forum are a piece by Stephen Carlson on ms 2427 as a forgery, and one by Stefan Reif about new finds from the Cairo Genizah discovered in Switzerland. The latter article actually focuses on material already known from the Genizah and we therefore need further information before we can assess the importance of the new finds. Does anyone know how many more remnants of the Genizah might still lie undiscovered in Western Europe?


  1. On Geniza it would be nice to hear more about the Greek texts, as there are some interesting NT and LXX mss in the Cambridge Geniza, so more bits of these would be nice.

    On 2427 it looks like Carlson is right [although we haven't actually seen the evidence yet]; he doesn't actually call it a forgery, but a fake. I wonder if this is deliberate?

  2. "Fake" is my generic term; anything more specific requires a discussion of motives, which was outside the scope of the piece.

    That being said, I would classify 2427 as an art forgery.