Wednesday, May 31, 2006

TC volume going mega-cheaply


D. G. K. Taylor, ed. Studies in the Early Text of the Gospels and Acts. Texts and Studies, third series, vol. 1. Birmingham, U.K.: University of Birmingham Press, 1999. Pp. xiii + 283. Normally: GBP £18.99/ US $55.00. ISBN: 1-902459-03-2.

For those interested this volume is now on sale from Continuum for only £5.

A review of the book can be found here.

To order:
Web - Continuum
Phone - (UK) 01202 665432


  1. Thanks Mike. Mine's ordered now.

  2. Their North American site has it listed for $0.00! I just placed an order so we'll see if it goes through. Maybe they'll honor the glitch.

  3. Why are books always cheaper in North America?

  4. The glitch has now been fixed and unfortunately, they're not honoring the mistake. It was worth a try.