Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Novum Testamentum 48.2

Novum Testamentum 48.2 has appeared. It includes a review by Joël Delobel of C.-B. Amphoux and J.K. Elliott, The New Testament Text in Early Christianity. Proceedings of the Lille Colloquium July 2000—Le Texte du Nouveau Testament au début du Christianisme. Actes du colloque de Lille, juillet 2000 (Lausanne: Éditions du Zébre, 2003) and also a review by David Parker of Charles Horton (ed.), The Earliest Gospels. The Origins and Transmission of the Earliest Christian Gospels—The Contribution of the Chester Beatty Gospel P45 (London:T & T Clark International, 2004). I had previously serialised a review of Horton on this blog (1, 2, 3, 4). Parker's review is less positive than mine:

'Overall, though, the volume is disappointing. It falls between a specialist and a general presentation, in which some papers assume a higher level of knowledge than others. The same applies to the two halves of the title. P45 plays a very small part in the first, and only really comes into its own in the second. Moreover, there are serious lacunae in the coverage of P45. There is no discussion of it codicologically or palaeographically, an omission which should
surely be regarded as extraordinary.' (p. 199)

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