Friday, June 04, 2010

CSNTM Expedition 2010 to Greece and Romania

This year's CNSTM expedition when four people, Jeff Hargis, Peter Gurry, Dan Wallace and Noah Wallace, travelled to Rome and Greece to photograph Greek NT MSS in Romania and Greece is just over. Although it started with serious problems with cancelled flights due to the Islandic volcano, and continued with the riots in Athens, it apparently turned into a great success in the end. The community of textual criticism is now eagerly waiting to hear about the new findings. We have already learnt about one previously uncatalogued lectionary, and a bird just whispered in my ear that we can expect many more such MSS, including more news about the pericope of the adulteress, which has been discussed recently on this blog.

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  1. In September 2001 David Parker has seen some of the Greek NT MSS located in Romania. He examined the MSS located at the Museum of Art (Bucharest) and Library of the Academy (Bucharest). There are 2 other MSS in Iasi (1 at the Museum of Literature and one at University Library) and one in Craiova (Museum of Oltenia). The CSNTM team had the advantage of examining almost all of them and of digitizing one lectionary in Iasi. But I will let the team share the big scoop(s) of the expedition to Romania. :)
    P.S. We are working hard to persuade the Museum of Art and the Library of the Academy to have their MSS digitized by the CSNTM. Some of these MSS have very interesting readings!
    Emanuel Contac, Romania

  2. Thanks Emanuel for the appetizer!